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Spring 2017 Final Exam Schedule
Please note that there has been a last minute room change for the following exams:

For Tuesday April 18th- 0830 to 1025

  • GEOG 2280-001 was in A235, is now in A231
For Friday April 7th- 0830 to 1025
  • CPSC 1480-M01 was in T530, is now in computer lab B015
  • CPSC 1480-M02 was in T530, is now in computer lab A351
Every year there are close to 200 million cases of malaria, causing close to 600,000 malaria-related deaths. LSU supports Plan International Canada Spread the Net initiative.
To be held at Langara Employee Lounge, A194
Wednesday January 11th, 2017 from 12:30pm-1:00pm (30 Minutes) Special Resolution 1 & 2 Passed

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Special Resolution #1 - Passed
Special Resolution #2 - Tabled
A Special General Meeting will be held on December 7, 2016 from 12:30-1:30pm at Langara Students’ Union Upper Lounge concerning proposals to change to the Langara Students’ Union Association Bylaws.
Students have told us they want more from their Students' Union, and we’re listening!
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  • Discount Retail Cards Available at the LSU

    Discount Retail Cards Available at the LSU
    Students' Price Cards (SPC) are being sold at the LSU front desk for $9.53 GST included. Visit the SPC website to learn more about your savings and come by the LSU to pickup your SPC card.
  • LSU Bike Shop

    LSU Bike Shop
    Ride hassle free with complimentary tune-ups or bike repairs at the LSU Bike Shop
  • Rent a Locker

    Rent a Locker
    If you are feeling weighed down with heavy backpacks or need a break from your books, come to the LSU and rent a locker. Your back will love you for it.
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