Langara Students' Union Committee List

To be an official Member (to make any decisions that affect the finances of that committee) of any Committee, you must have attended three consecutive meetings of that Committee.

Awareness Committee

This committee promotes Students' Union events and activities, and encourages student involvement on the LSU's various committees and at events. This Committee meets once a week in the LSU Boardroom.

Environment Committee

Its mandate is to promote & organize environmental awareness activities and nature stewardship on campus. It also oversees the Bike Repair Shop. The Environment Committee meets once a week in the LSU Boardroom.

International Community Development Committee

ICDC's mandate is to raise awareness about the living and working conditions of those around the globe. It also supports various social development projects around the world. This Committee meets once a week in the LSU Boardroom.

Students' Issues Action Committee

The SIAC committee's mandate is to address the barriers to accessible, affordable post-secondary education. Its' activities include lobbying college boards, provincial and federal governments, and working closely with other local and national student groups to promote lower tuition fees, accessible & affordable transit systems, and other issues that directly affect people's ability to attend post-secondary education.

Special Events Committee

This committee organizes events and activities throughout the year to celebrate special occasions and promote community spirit on campus.
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