United People of Colour (UPOC)

This is an open invitation to all People of Colour;

There is a need for equitable representation of all people of colour at Langara and in the community. The opportunity to become involved and to make a difference is at hand. Your attendance will be critical in determining the direction of our committee. Keeping in mind that though we may not be responsible for our past but we are masters of our futures.

We are organizing a new collective to address this need. This new collective will focus on the concerns affecting people of colour on campus and in your communities.

Our collective will provide:

  1. Access to and the means and tools for education and information.
  2. Support on all issues relating to our collective mandate.
  3. A safe environment for people of colour.
  4. Social action justice committees.
  5. Social and cultural events Historically all previous groups that have organized around people of colour highlighted social injustice. We intend to expand our activities to include most issues that affect our communities and campuses. This will involve historical/cultural awareness, analysis, celebrations, and struggles.
The uniting of our different communities will enable us to explore and celebrate our unique experiences in a predominantly eurocentric society. Let us rally together under the principles of resistance, equality, and justice.

Drop by in the Students Union Building during the first two weeks of the semester, or phone 324-3881, extension 0 for more details on scheduled UPOC meetings.

Contact Information
100 West 49th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V5Y 2Z6
Phone: 604 324-3881
Fax: 604 322-7547