Tax Return

Oh Happy Days its Tax Refund Season Happy Face. If you come down to the LSU between March and April each year and file your taxes you are eligible for some funds from the government. The LSU Accountant charges students the lowest fee in town to file your taxes. The cost to efile your taxes starts from twenty-five dollars per tax year and the Canadian Government reimburse your tax return within three to four weeks. Did you know that students who file their taxes receive seventy-five dollars back from the government just for the Provincial Sales Tax line item. The Canadian Government requires that all tax refund recipients are 19 years old and they must have a Social Insurance Number, Landed Immigrant Status, or a Student Visa.

You can file the following charges:

  • Bus passes including the U-Pass
  • Medical Bills
  • Charitable donations
  • RRSP contributions
  • T2202 (go to My Langara, log in with your ID, go to tax forms then print)
  • T4, T5 and T4A
We hope to see you soon "Mo Money, Mo Money"

The LSU donates all funds raised through the Tax Clinic towards LSU Bursaries at the Langara Financial Aid Office in B Building.

Contact Information
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Vancouver, BC
V5Y 2Z6
Phone: 604 324-3881
Fax: 604 322-7547