While most of the teachers at Langara will prove to be informative facilitators, the law of averages dictates that at one point in your post secondary career, you will either encounter difficulty with an instructor or some other member of instructional staff. Many students, especially new ones, assume that nothing can be done in the event of a student-istructor conflict, but that is not true.

Contacting the Students' Union is a good avenue for students as we can inform them of their rights and the College's grievance procedure.

Familiarizing yourself with the College's policies is encouraged, as it may save you from losing time and money.

Click Here for the College's policies.

To contact the Ombudsperson here at the LSU, please call the LSU reception and ask to book an appointment with the ombudsperson at 604 324-3881 extension 0.

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Phone: 604 324-3881
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