U-PASS BC Renewed Agreement Price Increase

The U-PASS BC History at Langara College

U-Pass BC In November 2007, students voted 88% in favor of implementing the U-Pass Program here at Langara College. The U-Pass Program was introduced at Langara in May 2008 and students paid $38 for the U-Pass. The U-Pass is a three zone fare card that allows students to travel on the Sea Bus, Sky Train, Transit Buses and the West Coast Express at a lower fare. In September 2010, the BC Provincial Government and TransLink created a standard U-Pass BC program available to all public post-secondary institutions within Metro Vancouver. Translink then officially notified students that the existing U-Pass program would end in August 2011.

TransLink and the BC Provincial Government lowered the cost of the U-Pass BC program for all post-secondary institutions. Langara students went from paying $38 to $30 per month for the U-Pass BC. This U-Pass BC monthly fee has been in effect since September 2011 and it expires in March 2013.

In March 2011, the Langara Students Union held a referendum to preapprove a fee increase for April 2013 up to a maximum of $38. Students voted 97% in favor of U-Pass BC new fees structure. As such, no further referendum will be required, unless there is an increase in the U-Pass rates in the future. This will save costs associated with a referendum.

Recently the BC Provincial Government, TransLink and all post-secondary students' association within Metro Vancouver have been working together to provide an affordable U-Pass program that is revenue neutral for TransLink. The cost of the U-Pass provides a huge savings for students and Langara students will not pay more for the UPass than what was initially introduced in May 2008. The price increase occurring over the next three years as follows:

Students across Metro Vancouver will pay the following price for the U-PASS BC

  • $35.00 from May 2013-April 2014
  • $36.75 from May 2014-April 2015
  • $38.00 from May 2015-April 2016
The cost of a regular adult fare for transit users travelling through fare zones ranges from $91 to $170 per month. The U-Pass BC Program is the best alternative for students and all Students' Association across Metro Vancouver are working together to ensure students pay a reasonable fare while travelling on the transit system.

Do you know about the new Compass Card Program?

In the next few months, students will begin to hear more about the Compass Card program. This program is expected to be implemented within Metro Vancouver for all transit users. The Compass Card is a reloadable, electronic fare card that is used to electronically purchase your fare on the transit system. The Compass Card system is a tap on/off mechanism that calculates your fare once you have exited the Sky Train, Bus, or Sea Bus. Each person must purchase a Compass Card that is valid for five years. This new system is a huge adjustment for transit users and is expected to commence in Spring 2015. Please visit the Translink website for more details about the Compass Card program.

For more information on the U-Pass BC program please visit the Langara College website at www.langara.bc.ca/upass

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