Fall 2017 Election

As indicated in the table below, Executive Board positions and designated Member-at-Large positions on Council are subject to an eligibility screening process carried out by the LSU Electoral Committee and adjudicated by an independent third party in compliance with the LSU Bylaws and Policy No. B2510.

"Application for Eligibility Packages are available for this purpose. You can pick them up at the LSU Reception (S105) or you can download them directly by clicking on the links below. Your eligibility applications must be completed and returned no later than 4pm on September

Candidates for General Member-at-Large positions, on the other hand, do not need to complete an application for eligibility or pass the eligibility screening requirements.

It is important to note that once the Electoral Committee confirms an applicant's eligibility, they must still complete additional steps to be duly nominated. All candidates running for Executive or designated Member-at-Large positions (Aboriginal Students' Representative, International Students' Representative, Diversity & Inclusion Representative), and General Member-at-Large positions must be duly nominated and their names added to the Official List of Candidates by the Chief Returning Officer before they can participate in the election.

Note: Please be aware that the earlier you return your eligibility application, the more time you have to work on your nomination, so don't wait until the deadline.

Name of PositionRoles & DutiesEligibility Requirements
One (1) PresidentPolicy No. B2001Yes
One (1) Vice President Finance & AdministrationPolicy No. B2002Yes
One (1) Vice President Student LifePolicy No. B2003Yes
One (1) Vice President InternalPolicy No. B2004Yes
One (1) Vice President ExternalPolicy No. B2005Yes
One (1) Aboriginal Students' RepresentativePolicy No. B2007Yes
One (1) International Students' RepresentativePolicy No. B2008Yes
One (1) Diversity & Inclusion RepresentativePolicy No. B2009Yes
Four (4) General Members-at-LargePolicy No. B2000No

LSU Members seeking candidacy in this election must also consult the following documents:

Elected members are paid a stipend. Information on the anticipated workload and projected number of hours for the various positions on Council will available from the LSU office.
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