Student Account & WiFi Setup

Get familiar with all your student accounts and get set up on WiFi before you come on campus.

Activate your Computer User ID:

  • Log into myLangara
  • Select 'Manage Computer Accounts' (under Online Self Service menu)
  • Select 'Maintain Computer User ID'
  • Select 'ACTIVATE'

Know the difference between your Computer User ID and your Federated ID:

  • Computer User ID (e.g. jsmith99) | Federated ID (e.g.
  • Your Federated ID password is the same as your Computer User ID password

Connect to WiFi on campus:

  • Select the wireless network eduroam or eduroam5GHz (faster but less range)
  • Input your Federated ID (e.g. and password
Learn more about all your student accounts on our IT website.
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