Special General Meeting

News Release – December 7, 2016 - Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting will be held on December 7, 2016 from 12:30-1:30pm at Langara Students’ Union Upper Lounge concerning proposals to change to the Langara Students’ Union Association Bylaws.

One important proposal by Council is to amend the Bylaws to restore the election cycle to commence in the fall of one year and to end in the fall of the next year.

The existing Bylaws reflect amendments which were made in August 2016 which changed the election cycle – effective January 2017 - so it begins in January and ends in January of the following year.

Restoring the election to a fall-to-fall election cycle will extend the term of the current LSU Council from May 2017 to December 2017.

Most of the current Councillors are new to the Langara Students’ Union and were elected to Council in a By-Election held in the fall of 2016. They were not sworn into office until mid-October 2016. Under the current Bylaws, the new Board members would have their terms end in April 2017, after only about five months in office, with insufficient time to fulfill the current mandates established at previous Council meetings and in accordance with their roles on council. The loss to the membership will be in terms of programming and activities and increased costs.

Costs of each election include hiring an external Chief Returning Officer and staff time required to administer the election process. Additionally, any training provided to the current Board would have to be repeated in the Spring 2017 semester to an entirely new group of Board members, and would divert resources from activities and programming which benefits the general membership. Total estimated costs of Spring 2017 election could be in excess of $12,000.

Extending the term of the current Council members, as a consequence of reverting to a fall-to-fall election cycle, will allow for a smooth transition period in the fall 2017. At the completion of the 2017 fall elections, the newly elected Board members will receive training by outgoing Board Members and staff in all aspects of Board responsibilities and duties, including any campaigns and ongoing Board-initiated projects.

The current Board is committed to fulfilling its duties and obligations in accordance with the Bylaws. The Board also wants to remind all General Members that they are always invited to participate in various activities organized by the Board and are encouraged to sit on various Langara Students’ Union committees. The LSU Board and staff are here for you.

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